Many men may think the concept of semen retention is an unnatural practice, only appropriate for celibate monks. However, the benefits of retaining semen, or at least infrequent ejaculation, are enormous. You do not even have to give up sexual activity to do this!

How do you feel after ejaculating? Most likely you feel drained, lazy, possibly even depressed and uninterested in your partner. Building up sexual energy is a way to remedy this. When you are not constantly ejaculating your life force out, You will have MUCH more energy to be creative and do the things you love.

This is not a new concept. Many ancient traditions, from the yogis in India to the Taoists in China, understood the power of the semen and the importance of preserving this force. When you build up a high level of sexual energy, you will feel confident, magnetic, energized, and filled with vitality.

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