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5 Tantric Sex Tips for Improving Your Love Life

Following post is contributed by our guest blogger Tracey Clayton
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Tantric books keep telling us that postponing pleasure is key to such a wonderful intensity in the bedroom that sex transforms from an animal lusty impulse into a mature, built up and healthy desire which – gradually – becomes even more powerful and solid. However, for some reason, we keep on being too impatient to wait. And, mind you, things would be just fine and there would be no need to even talk about postponing that desire had our “recipe for thrill” (i.e. having sex right there and then whenever the opportunity arises) repeatedly worked. Unfortunately, it didn’t. And it doesn’t.

While we do live too fast to wait too long for anything – our food, clothes at the dry cleaners, our date, that text message or sex – it wouldn’t really hurt to try and keep it in our pants for a while, don’t you think? We keep on forcing the immediacy of intercourse, and what we get in return is the very uneventful – yet expected – aftermath of it. So, let’s try and wait before we mutually put out. After all, if we’re to trust the philosophy behind tantric connection, prolonging desire adds up to the already built up excitement and thrill that creates fireworks in the bedroom later. Sounds promising, right?

Here are the five tantric sex tips for improving your love life:

The idea of postponed pleasure

For all the couples that have been riding a very boring and unfulfilling “couples sex” wave, tantric approach to the big O may just be the solution. Here are just a few reasons why you should consider going tantric on your bedroom life as soon as possible.

Conscious together

Although tantric sex is commonly related to achieving a headlines-worthy orgasm, the idea behind tantric pleasure is way deeper than that. Living a conscious life is a challenge, both in your everyday life and in the bedroom. Usually, we forget to be aware and present in the moment, which takes away the true beauty of our relationships, interactions and experiences. Wired on autopilot, we go through a big chunk of our lives unconsciously, so it shouldn’t really be a surprise that we often fail to connect with our partner, achieve an orgasm or enjoy our fantasies. Tantric approach to sex is a wake-up call in every sense of that word.

The bigger and better O’s

The fact that Tantra gives you tools, ways and reasons to become mindful with your partner – leading to deeper intimacy and connection – helps you get past the primal needs and connect on a deeper level.

And, once the connection is achieved (or brought back), you can have orgasms that last longer, roll in waves all the way through your body, and happen more frequently. The best part? The experience applies to both partners.

Men last longer

Even though the idea behind tantric pleasure is to spend as many hours as possible teasing each other, we (unfortunately) don’t always have the luxury to do that. Still, that doesn’t mean the intercourse cannot be extended! With the male partner growing conscious of his lasting potential (and mindfully preventing ejaculation too soon), the female partner has increased chances of reaching an orgasm (or multiple ones) and enjoying longer sex. For a man – intercepted/prolonged ejaculation for several times adds up to a built tension that, later on, feels amazing when released; For a woman – longer sex is her pathway to waves of intense orgasms. (Isn’t this one of tantric sex tips exciting ladies?)

Tantra puts focus on pleasure

Even though orgasms are extremely intense with tantric , the goal of tantric sex is pleasure, not orgasm itself. Tantra helps you make sex less confusing and enjoy yourself more in bed by helping you increase intimacy through a wonderful combination of soulful sex, loving touch and eye contact. Letting go of any negative sexual beliefs and allowing a heightened erotic sensation pass through your whole body is what it’s all about.

Reveals your full potential

Once tantric sex starts being practiced regularly, partners realize that everyone has an intrinsic, virtually limitless sexual potential that has been constrained by our cultural teaching, upbringing and conditioning. Tantra makes no distinction between sexes, preferences and desires; rather, it joins everything together for the sake of achieving the most pleasurable experience ever. Once you master your tantric knowledge, experimenting with sex toys, roleplaying, fetishes, etc. becomes way more exciting than you could have ever imagined it to be!

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