Why am I considering a tantric path of love?

My life is great. I don’t want to go into details, but I have everything a person can wish for. I have an amazing family I love, nice place to live, I have a car to drive, job I enjoy, colleagues I like to hang out with. Nothing seems to be missing in my life. I’m a happy person, I mean I really am, I have so many reasons to be the happiest man on earth…

Why then, looking in the mirror, melting deeply into my soul, am I’m asking myself a question ‘do I experience fulfillment a man is capable of feeling?’ Am I not missing on something so beautifully liberating in my life that I will feel regrets in the future for not having experienced that?

Staying with that rare feeling of having all one can wish for, but missing something so deep in life at the same time, I come to conscious understanding that my sexual life is a MESS. This is the topic I’m not feeling comfortable discussing, but I know, it is one of the most important areas of my life and a valid reason to really take an action and do SOMETHING about my intimacy. I feel that my potential of sexual enjoyment does not reach 30% of what I feel is hidden under layers of my limitations I imposed on myself. In the past months, unconsciously maybe even years, I’ve been asking myself a question, can Tantra give me an answer? Can following tantric path of love fill my heart, my soul? If so, how do I start? Will it be worth the effort/time? Is this sex related thing (that’s what you can read everywhere, right? TANTRA = SEX, or is it something deeper from where great sex flows naturally. Will my wife accept different me? Am I ready for this?

I don’t know answers to these questions, I’ve not yet met anyone who could convince me, this is what you need, this is the way to go. But I feel some strange, mystical vibe when I come across tantra, perhaps feeling of home? I’m not even sure if this will influence my sexual life or entire ME.

Why am I writing a post on a tantric website? Because this seems to be the place where I feel I can share pieces of myself touching topic(s) that are still considered ‘taboo’ in our society. I’m not a writer, blogger and I don’t try to become one. Perhaps I just found a place where sharing my story helps to make me feel lighter, or maybe with a bit of luck, I might find some answers of value to what I really am seeking for.

Anyway, thank you for reading this.

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