become a superhuman

Become a Superhuman

Following post is a transcript of a lesson from online course ‘Benefits of Semen Retention‘ by Johnathan White

I’m here to help you master your sexual energy so that you can magnetize your ideal life. I believe that a man can become a superhuman by practicing semen retention. Semen retention can improve your health, your abundance, your relationships and life in general. It can improve your ability to contribute to the world and make the world a better place.

The semen is really the essence of the body. The whole of the body has to contribute resources to create a semen. It takes a toll on the organs that have to contribute vital minerals and nutrients to create a semen. Semen is extremely similar to the cerebrospinal fluid, so excessively ejaculating frequently a man is depleting the body of its resources which causes him to age at an increased level and can lead to things such as premature balding and sexual dysfunctions, low energy in general and low motivation.

If you want to improve your health and your energy, you need to stop throwing your life-force away, stop ejaculating constantly.

You may find your energy levels increase. Some men will start feeling benefits in a few days, some after few weeks, for some men this will take longer. It depends on a pattern you’ve going about this. If you have been ejaculating every day for years and years, it may take longer to get out of this depletion and have enough energy for functioning on an optimal level.

But when you ‘recover’ you will start to see huge benefits, you energy will increase, your focus, willpower, confidence, your ability to influence others, your magnetism will all significantly increase.

You will also find that you are able to be more abundant in your life because you’re no longer functioning in a state of lack. Because when you are lacking energy, you are unable to get what you need from the outside world. You only get back what you put out. So when you’re living in a state of depletion, you’re unable to give anything out. You are often not receiving.

This is something I found to be very true in my life. When I was living in state of depletion, constantly ejaculating I was broke. I was not able to make any money; I was not able to have the resource I need to live fulfilling life. Since I started building sexual energy, things have changed dramatically for me. You will also find your relationships and your ability to interact and exchange with others will increase because you have so much more energy, you have so much to put out and to offer others. You will find new friendships, new relationships coming to your life, which are more fulfilling and there is much more exchange between you. This is because you have so much more to offer, you’re vibrating at higher level and you will attract others that are on you level. You will find yourself surrounded by amazing people.

You may have to let go of some friendship or relationships that are not serving you. This can be a difficult thing, but know that as soon you create that space in your life, something better will come in to fill it. That is a process of change and of evolution. In addition, practicing semen retention allows you make a difference in the world, to contribute to the world, to change the world around you. If you have an abundance of sexual energy, you become more influential around you. If you are around someone you like and get a really good feeling from them. You may not know why, but you have that feeling. Some people have that charisma

By raising your vibration, increasing your energy and putting it out to the world, you can become charismatic influence to people around you. I have many men leaving comments to my videos who say they have been doing NO-FAP and see no changes happen. I think they may not have been doing it for long enough. They have been in such a deep state of depletion that they are still catching up on all the energy they wasted throughout the years. Another reason might be that they’re not transmuting their sexual energy. You need to be able to transform that energy. You need to be able to breathe through that energy, to move this energy throughout your body.

I do certain practices to do this such as working with microcosmic orbit or practicing testical breathing, which are very foundation tools. Once you are able to move your sexual energy, you can exchange it your energy will be constantly moving and your life will stay very fluid and very exciting.

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