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Semen Retention – Become a Superhuman


Length: 8 minutesAuthor: Johnathan White

Become a Superhuman Practicing Semen Retention can turn you into a superhuman! When you build up your sexual energy and use that as a driving force in your life, you become powerful, strong, vital, gain confidence and will feel like obstacles in your life just fall away. If you want to become a superhuman, semen retention is a way to [...]

Semen Retention and Success

Length: 3 minutesAuthor: Johnathan White

Sexual energy is our creative life force energy we can use to heal ourselves, create a life we choose and invite abundance into our lives. Most people are throwing their sexual energy away by having unconscious sex or masturbating excessively, watching porn. It is difficult to manifest your life if you feel depleted, empty, without powerful energy. As the saying [...]

Transformational Power of Semen Retention

Length: 8 minutesAuthor: Johnathan White

If you feeli like you need transform yourself and take it to the next level, you need to start working sexual energy. It is incredibly powerful force, which if you can learn to harness, you will find your life and your self transformed into the highest versions. You will find that manifesting life you desire is becoming possible.

Semen Retention Increases Willpower

Length: 4 minutesAuthor: Johnathan White

In my experience, semen retention has been a very powerful way to increase my willpower and self-discipline. The sexual urge is a strong motivating factor in most men's lives. If you can overcome this urge and channel the raw sexual desire into higher outlets, you're way ahead of the game. Once you are able to control your sexual impulses, you [...]

Semen Retention Increases Abundance

Length: 5 minutesAuthor: Johnathan White

Can retaining your semen lead to abundance in all areas in your life? From my personal experience, t it does, to a certain extent. If you retain your semen, your sexual energy will increase. You will start feeling powerful source of creative power. Majority of men throw this energy away, without realizing benefits it can have on their lives. When [...]

Semen Retention Increases Sexual Magnetism

Length: 5 minutesAuthor: Johnathan White

By ejaculating, men loose their vital essence. A man who ejaculates often, may find himself feeling depressed, weak, without sense of motivation. He might not be able to attract a partner as he is missing on his interactivity from the lack of his sexual energy. When a man starts to retain his sperm, and gives up on a regular ejaculation, [...]

Semen Retention & Increased Attraction

Length: 6 minutesAuthor: Johnathan White

The practice of semen retention causes a man to be much more attractive to others, and not just the opposite sex. When you retain your semen instead of constantly ejaculating, hormone levels increase significantly. Studies have shown that testosterone levels tend to increase to about 150% above the normal range for males after about a week of retention. This causes [...]

How To Practice Semen Retention

Length: 16 minutesAuthor: Johnathan White

There are a few things you need to know if you're going to practice semen retention. First, it is very important you learn to circulate the increasingly powerful amount of sexual energy that will be building up. Without doing this, the energy remains stagnant in the genitals and can cause blockages, as well as prostate issues. It is also important [...]


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