In ancient Tantric traditions, women revealed mysteries of female Shakti. Shakti is the creative, spiritual, and sexual life force energy that inspires women to come ALIVE & live every aspect of their life in total alignment to their ecstatic nature. Join other women of wisdom and receive the education you always needed from your sisters, mother, and grandmothers.
During the weekend we will gently guide, educate, and initiate you into the Divine Sacred Space of your Vulva. You will be in a safe, private, and supportive environment for this awakening and healing, as we birth forth the Priestess within you and assist in the healing of your inner child. Discover for yourself how non-sexual, hands-on work with women will assist you in finding your full, happy, healed, and empowered Self.


  • An activation of the seven conscious energy centers (known as chakras) through yoga, touch, meditation, and breathing exercises.
  • A powerful group ritual where each woman will have an opportunity to participate in receiving and giving Sacred Spot Massage (participation optional).
  • A Puja Ceremony to flush out of the body any residue from the past that holds you back from more love.
  • Group transmissions of Shakti to connect, ignite, and bond you to the sisterhood.
  • A round table discussion on woman’s sexual, emotional, physical, and orgasmic health.
  • A deep soul journey to discover the secrets that will bring you back to love when you find yourself separate, depressed, or out of love with life and others.
  • Break bread with your new sisters as we share 3 nourishing meals together.
  • Dancing to set your heart & soul free.
  • Midwifing and Birthing the Divine Feminine in all of us.
  • And so much more!


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