The CTE Level 1 Mastery Course curriculum involves love coaching, Tantric therapeutic processes, sexual healing skills for men and women, successful business dynamics and marketing techniques, hands-on demonstrations, practice, class handouts, lesson plans, and a variety of other classes for individuals and small groups. You will spend 5-6 hours a day in class with plenty of free time to practice, vacation, and integrate this life-enhancing Tantric wisdom. Sexual wholeness, consciousness awakening, expansion of pleasure thresholds, and spiritual awakening are typical by-products of this ten-day program. You will also develop an ability to teach Tantra to friends, private clients, and small groups in this Level 1 training. This course represents the pinnacle of Charles Muir’s teachings.

This course also includes the following Tantric skills:

  • Understanding chakras, nadis and Kundalini
  • Setting up a sacred space in your home or away
  • Principles of running, discharging, and moving energy
  • Tantric breathing and meditation techniques
  • Energy body and psychic flushing
  • Awakening the “Yoni of the Mind”
  • Puja for two
  • Kriyas
  • The nurturing techniques of both sexual healing and foreplay
  • Pressure point release work
  • Tantric secrets for higher, deeper, longer, and rejuvenating orgasms
  • Introduction to Zero Balancing (structural acupressure)
  • Understanding and beginning practice of White Tantra
  • Base chakra opening and awakening for health and security
  • Introduction to sex magic and transformative lovemaking
  • The mystery of the pearl, Kali Shakti, and the clitoris
  • Advancing Sacred Spot Massage® practice and awakening
  • Tantra Yantras and Mantras for gently awakening the chakras
  • The difference between practicing and teaching Tantra
  • Beginning teaching: dynamics and skills


This course is only open to students who have successfully completed a Beginners Weekend Seminar through the Source School of Tantra Yoga. Very rarely, exceptions are made for those who have extensive Tantra / Sacred Sexuality training elsewhere, but that decision is made on a case-by-case basis.

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