full body orgasm

Full Body Orgasm

How to Fill Your Entire Body With Sensational Orgasmic Sensations

Following post is contributed by our guest blogger Somraj Pokras from Tantra at Tahoe
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Most lovers crave that orgasmic explosion that hopefully ends each sexual romp. But there’s something even better. What if you could feel those climatic sensations all over your body? And make them last and last.

That’s just one of the promises that our new book, Tantric Pathways to Supernatural Sex, delivers on. Though this kind of ecstatic lovemaking seems like magic when you stumble upon it, it’s something any lover can learn to revel in. By practicing supernatural sex, you can easily create a continuously orgasmic state of full-body passion whenever you choose.

Most any kind of consensual sex feels great. But when you open your sexual energy conduits, you can spread the excitement all over. As our new book explains…

Sexual energy is the electromagnetic lifeforce in the human body responsible for attraction, desire, libido, sex drive, turn-on, pleasure, and orgasm. It’s what erotically charges your pleasure centers and makes you explode in a blaze of glory.

When you erotically charge all your pleasure centers, it’s amazing how much more you feel. And how many different sensations you experience. Your bodies become more sensitive and more receptive. It feels like more cells are awake and vibrating, sending off their own streamers of sexual electricity. Can cells actually orgasm? Yes, when you energize your entire body.

Imagine you’re looking through a telescope at one spot on the moon and all at once your vision widens to cover the whole moon. That’s what it feels like when you fill yourself to the brim with those tantalizing erotic vibrations, it feels like you’re going from black and white to color. Like jumping from two dimensions to three. Like flying where you were once walking.

Your pleasure becomes more intense when you stream sexual passion from your genitals to your dozens of other sensitive tissues. (Tantric Pathways to Supernatural Sex details all 30 of a woman’s and all 20 of a man’s sweet spots.) When you build the sexual current, any touch, lick, or stroke seems to detonate ecstasy grenades like splashes in a still lake.

Interested in learning how to do it? Here are a few excerpts from our new book that explain.

We’ve found it helpful to visualize a pleasure balloon inside the body. That’s an imaginary bubble filled with sexual energy. At rest, the small balloon is collapsed around your genitals.

As you get excited and pump it full of energy, it expands to ultimately fill the electromagnetic field around your entire body. The bigger your pleasure balloon, the more delicious sensations you feel in more places.

The more aroused you get, the more energy your pleasure balloon contains. And when you feel close intimacy, heart connection, and soul merger, you welcome another into your energy field.

The more sexual energy you generate and pump into your pleasure balloon, the bigger it gets. It expands up way past your genitals and inflates to fill your whole body and the electromagnetic field around it.

Which means ecstatic vibrations will spread all over your body. Which means you’ll feel like you’re floating away on a cloud of ecstasy. Since you’re not wasting that juicy lifeforce, you can do it over and over. This is a little glimpse into the rarified stratosphere of multiple orgasm for both men and women.

To enjoy the sensational benefits of Supernatural Sex, focus on filling your pleasure balloon gradually. Here’s how…

Feel the sensations in your body. Let them be and relax into them. Go slow and allow your arousal to climb at its own rate. Stretch this elastic container in small steps so you can contain more energy without tensing up.

The more you exercise your bubble, the more flexible it becomes, the easier it expands, and the larger it can get. The old maxim “use it or lose it” applies here. Yes, many supernatural lovers need to start with slow sex to get into this groove. But once you’re there, everything feels more intense: fast, slow, deep, shallow, you name it.

With a fully inflated pleasure balloon, you have much more sexual electricity to play with. You can funnel it back into your erogenous zones to make them more sensitive. You can use it to recharge your genitals if they get a bit depleted before you’re done.

Full body orgasm happens when you fill your bioenergetic field to the brim with this bristling lifeforce. And when you go for the Big O, it can supercharge your climax into a cosmic explosion. Supernatural Sex helps you expand your sexual crescendos into wider, higher peaks of ecstasy. They cause electrical jolts and sonic booms that make every part of you reverberate with delight. When your pleasure balloon is packed full of erotic charge, it naturally tends to stream everywhere. That means it flows where it will into every sensitive nook and cranny inside.

Streaming energy feels like electricity sizzling, buzzing, and pulsing inside your energy pathways. That makes you tingle, vibrate, and shake all over. It can feel like fireworks shooting off, volcanos erupting, thunder booming, and lightning bursting inside. But mostly it seems like the electromagnetism that energizes intense passion.

Sexual energy streams when you build up large amounts of electrical charge and let it go. It’s like a tidal wave of ecstasy coursing through your body.

You’ve undoubtedly experienced streaming when you’ve trembled in anticipation, felt hot flashes spread, or had goose bumps all over. The current makes your nerves twitter, the magnetism makes your muscles quiver, and the erotic charge makes your body undulate.

When you easily stream this energy the fuels all sorts of orgasms, your senses become immeasurably heightened. You’ll experience powerful responses to subtle stimuli. When your energetic pathways are that open, you won’t need much sexual stimulation to feel like you’re coming continuously all over.

Imagine what it will feel like when other parts of your body throb with the same excitation that makes your turned-on genitals pulse and throb. As you let the energy charge ripple inside, the natural vibrations will engulf you. That’s what triggers full body orgasm.

When your pleasure balloon overflows, it feels like geysers of erotic electricity flooding you, gripping you, and milking you all over. Streaming orgasmic energy makes you swoon and undulate. Surging showers of ecstasy make your entire energy body pulse in time with your beating heart.

The fiery sensations engulf you as if every cell climaxes. You feel lighter and lighter, like floating away on a cloud of pleasure.

With any luck you’ve been blown away at times by powerful climaxes like this. Which proves it’s possible. All you need is to understand how to make it happen whenever you want. That’s what Tantric Pathways to Supernatural Sex offers.

Would you be willing to spend a few minutes practicing some new sexual moves to get there? If you do, here’s what you have to look forward to… Supernatural Sex creates sexual fireworks inside your body which shows up as rays, bolts, sheets, and streamers of sexual energy. It can spark, sizzle, crackle, streak, and zap. It can even give you a shock. When the charge isn’t very strong, it can feel like a buzzing current flowing through your circuits.

The erotic charge in a fully charged pleasure balloon can detonate inside feeling like bursts, blasts, and bangs. The pyrotechnics start as a gleam or sparkle and grow into a blossom or eruption. Sexual fire can produce tendrils of heat, flames, and fireballs. When mellow, it’s more like smoldering embers or hot coals.

Sure, that seems like magic. But it’s something any non-magical lover can easily develop. Get your copy of Tantric Pathways to Supernatural Sex at your local bookstore or at Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

Full Body Orgasm – How to Fill Your Entire Body With Sensational Orgasmic Sensations by Somraj Pokras


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