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How to Make Sex Supernatural

The 3-Step Formula that Turns Ordinary Sex Into Something Magical Every Time

Following post is contributed by our guest blogger Somraj Pokras from Tantra at Tahoe
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Did you ever have an erotic encounter that electrified your body and blew your mind? With our new book, Tantric Pathways to Supernatural Sex, you can soar to amazing heights every time you make love. Supernatural Sex is a kind of sexual union that’s beyond ordinary sex. The love, intimacy, and excitement you can create this way are extraordinary. For starters, lovers who practice Supernatural Sex trigger all sorts of new and powerful orgasms. But there’s more. The simple steps of Supernatural Sex create a continuously orgasmic state of shared passion. You might even call it a pathway to divine communion. Sure, ordinary sex can be wonderful. Sometimes we love ripping each other’s clothes off and hurtling wildly towards an explosive blowout. But these trysts are mostly ruled by lust and regulated by hormones.

Supernatural Sex is more a willful sharing of spiritual love than just a biological reflex. Wouldn’t you’d be willing to invest some time and effort in sharing a hour-long orgasmic state that brings you and your beloved so much closer? Don’t misunderstand. We vote for hot quickies anytime we can get them. But when he comes too fast and she’s left wanting, we think you would crave something better. Supernatural Sex is a Tantric approach that expands your native sensuality and deep union. It does this by activating multiple heart, mind, and soul connections while you’re giving and receiving pleasure. Rest assured you don’t have to join a religious cult to benefit from these techniques distilled from the ancient art of spiritual sexuality.

Because it’s a partnered style of lovemaking, Supernatural Sex requires a little practice together. Practice that’s way more fun than yoga or aerobics. Fortunately, the drawings and step-by-step exercises in Tantric Pathways to Supernatural Sex guide you to transform run-0f-the-mill lovemaking into Supernatural Sex.

Three-Step Formula

The three-step formula to enjoy Supernatural Sex shows you how to bypass the urge for early gratification instead of rushing to big O. When you put your attention on enjoying the pleasure along the way, you’ll naturally pace your excitement so it rises to unheard of levels.

Here are the three steps you need to master…

          1. Identify the spot just before your climax explodes. You know, that timeless moment where your sensations are so overpowering.
          2. Get as close to that crescendo at the edge of the orgasmic cliff.
          3. Stay there as long as you can while your pleasure soars higher and higher.

Admittedly, this is a simplification of the 283 pages and 66 exercises in our new book. Inside we detail what you can do to turn the formula’s theory into practice in the bedroom and make the magic happen. If you struggle for more passion and stronger orgasms, pacing yourself with these steps might seem counter to your normal reflexes. Which is why it’s such a powerful pathway to an under-appreciated breakthrough. That breakthrough secret is sexual energy. So what exactly is sexual energy?

Turn Theory Into Practice

When you’re getting sexually turned-on, you can feel a small trickle of nervous stimulation and physical excitation, alive, bubbling, moving, and vibrating inside you. This is sexual energy, the innate power that makes you feel great and drives you headlong towards instant gratification. You probably feel it most strongly right before, during, and right after orgasm. Sexual energy is the electromagnetic lifeforce in the human body responsible for attraction, desire, libido, sex drive, turn-on, pleasure, and orgasm. It’s what erotically charges your pleasure centers and makes you explode in a blaze of glory.

Certainly, our new book advocates making love longer. The bad news about quick explosive orgasm is that it squanders your sexual energy before you’re both as satisfied as you can be. Integral to the practical steps in our new erotic guide is how sensitive men can last longer and women with reluctant orgasms can come more easily.

Putting Sexual Energy to Work

To play in the rarefied atmosphere of Supernatural Sex, you need to become more sensitive to your and your partner’s sexual energy. You need to know where it’s hiding and how to entice it to expand and rise. You need to learn to channel it to and from all of your erogenous zones. Our new book calls your erogenous zones sweet spots. With simple instructions and clear drawings, it illustrates how to find and stimulate all of them.

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Did you know the men have 20 sweet spots and women have 30? One of the reasons that many lovers never stumble upon these secrets is because about half of those 50 sweet spots are inside your body. Activating the whole spectrum of pleasure buttons to trigger soaring waves of passion is fundamental to Supernatural Sex.

Most sex books shy away from detailing the mechanics and metaphysics of sexual intercourse. But that’s not the Tantric way. Tantric is about weaving all of the energies alive within you: love, power, turn-on, awareness, intimacy, and spirit, for example. So Tantric Pathways to Supernatural Sex tastefully but unabashedly presents how to hit all your honey’s sweet spots and release dormant waves of sexual energy while you’re coupling.

The Tantric way is to accept all of life, even your primal needs and sexual fantasies. When you raise your consciousness of what’s really going on inside your body, only then can you make sex supernatural. Though we call making love this way supernatural, it’s not really magic. The potential for earth-shaking mind-blowing sexual ecstasy is waiting inside you. All you have to do is read our new book to reach for it.

Get your copy of Tantric Pathways to Supernatural Sex at your local bookstore or at Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

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