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Increasing Sexual Vitality, part I

This is a transcript of ‘Practices for Increased Sexual Energy‘ Online Course by Johnathan White
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Something I think most people are interested in, is increasing their sexual vitality & health. There actually are many lifestyle changes you can easily do to start cultivating greater sexual health and vitality. In this article I’ll discuss some different small changes with big impact you can implement into your life right now.

First of all, the most important point will touch on our breathing habits and patterns. The breath is the most fundamental function in our body. We can go days or weeks without food, we can go at least a couple days without water, but how long can we go without breathing? Few minutes at most. This shows us the power of breath and its importance. Breath is the most powerful force we can connect with at any time.

Most people in this world have very unconscious breathing patterns that actually drain them of their energy. When we have very shallow breathing, in other words we breathe only from our chest, we’re actually draining ourselves of energy. We’re spending more energy on breathing that we’re getting from it. It is extremely important to take some time every day, at least five to ten minutes doing some breathing exercises. These could be yoga pranayama exercises or any sort of breathing practice to gain more awareness of our breath. Because I believe that breathing is the most important thing we should focus on, it is the area I work most with. We can connect to our breath at anytime, anywhere and once we start placing our awareness on our breathing and breathing patterns we will start gaining more focus, more contentedness and embodiment. This all just by focusing on our breath. More healthy our breathing is, more energy we’ll have and better our sexual health & vitality will be.

Number two is hydration. Studies show that 70 – 80 percent of Americans are chronically dehydrated. Dehydration is the underlying reason for many diseases. This is why it is very important to drink filtered, purified water. Just by this you will have great improvements to your health. If you’re used to drinking soda or sugary drinks and you start drinking water instead, you might find it is one of the easiest ways to improve your health, rise up your energy levels and consequently increase your sexual vitality. What I like to do first thing in the morning, is to drink two to three glasses of water on an empty stomach, before I have any kind of food. This gets me hydrated for the day and helps the body to clear itself out of old toxins. This is one of the most important things and very easy change to do. Hydrate yourself, drink a lot of water throughout the day and you will see you energy levels rise up.  Many people don’t realize they drain themselves of energy, because they’re dehydrated every day.

In the next part, I’ll talk about  diet, exercise and relaxation.

Increasing Sexual Vitality (part I) by Johnathan White

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