Last Night I Orgasmed from My Heart

Following post is conributed by our guest blogger Neeharika
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I am pleased to announce that yesterday I broke a destructive pattern ALL BY MYSELF!

High Fives all around!

Being an Aries girl I am fiery and argumentative by nature. Argumentative can be a bit of an understatement, to be honest, I’m up for a good old brawl at any time. I am first to admit that my short fuse and scorching hot fieriness is one of my shortcomings. Especially when I allow myself to explode and react with violence and aggression. Having said this, I know that my shortcoming is a sign of a latent potential that can help to empower me and others in the world around me.

I have been in a relationship with my husband for eleven years now. Like most regular couples we have the same kind of mundane issues that lead to some disagreements. We often make mistakes and allow ourselves to become trapped in repetitive, unconscious patterns and behaviours. My husband and I have been faced with many ego breaking challenges over the past few years. These highlighted what those senseless patterns were in a most significant manner, showing how destructive they could become if left unchecked.

Yesterday we received some surprising and rather irritating news. I was upset by what had happened and of course, as I do, I blamed it all on the husband. Throughout the day I witnessed myself move from responding to the situation in a firm and empowering way, to getting trapped in what I call the “Anger Loop”.

The Anger Loop is not a particularly pleasant place to be. It’s that point of no return in any marital disagreement. You know that stage where you have said all that had to be said, but still, you continue to make remarks and drag events up from the past. Even worse than this, you start to fabricate the future based on your clouded judgement, anger and disappointment.

This stage of any marital spat should be avoided at all costs!

We all know how easy it is to fall into emotional traps. What happens if you pass the point of no return? Is there any chance of saving the day?

The best thing to do when you are fuelled by anger is to acknowledge what you are feeling, say what needs to be said in a way that will be helpful to the other and then let it go. Yup. Easier said than done that “just let it go” stuff is. I know because I have been trying for three years to drop the drama and express my thoughts in a positive and helpful manner.

The best thing to do when you are fuelled by anger is to acknowledge what you are feeling, say what needs to be said in a way that will be helpful to the other and then let it go. Yup. Easier said than done that “just let it go” stuff is. I know because I have been trying for three years to drop the drama and express my thoughts in a positive and helpful manner.

Last night was a game-changer. Having been aware of this Anger Loop all day, I arrived home late determined to expand the loop and take the fight to a whole other level! I probably would have done this if I was not so aware of how horrible the energy was making me feel in my body, mind and heart.

I decided to drop it and stop it. Simples.

I had already thrown some wedding photos in the bin, as one does, and luckily I had not broken anything valuable yet (come on now, I know you do it too!) The moment I decided to shift my energy I took the photos out of the bin and put them back in their places. My husband would have no clue about the big transition that had just taken place.

The poor man arrived home with a nervous and heavy heart, expecting the wrath of Bhairavi to be unleashed all over him. To his surprise and relief, all he found was a lovely smile and a warm hug.

This is where the fun part comes in.

I was super impressed with myself. Already I had managed to move my energy from my third chakra to my heart chakra, just by consciously deciding to choose love over fear. The benefits of this decision extend all the way into the bedroom!

The next natural step to follow was to devote some time to connecting and healing after a day of arguing, or as we call it “special husband and wife time”.

I looked into my husband’s eyes while we were making love and I felt my heart expanding. His every move, every facial gesture, every thrust helped grow a feeling of admiration and expansion at the level of the heart.

One thing you should know about us: We don’t have normal sex, we have Tantric sex. Part of what this means is that we consciously direct our powerful sexual energy from the lower chakras to the higher more sublime chakras. Last night we moved it into the heart plexus. With every deep breath I took I felt the energy jitter it’s way up into my heart until I melted into a looooong and blissful orgasm.

If you have been following my posts or if you have attended any of my workshops, you will be familiar with the concepts of different female orgasms. The deeper the orgasm the more spiritual it becomes. As my sensual pleasure was building, I focussed closely on the pleasure that was originating from my cervix (as opposed to my clitoris). Simultaneously I was directing the energy up from my yoni to my heart chakra in the centre of my chest, while also moving energy into my husband’s heart chakra. The deeper I was going into the sensual pleasure, the more the sensation was expanding until it resulted in a full body orgasm that must have lasted 5 minutes or more.

As soon as I started to feel the physical orgasm from my cervix I started to experience fine vibrations at the level of my heart plexus. The movement of energy was prominent and the activation of the chakra was clear. The key to this kind of orgasm is to go into it slowly and with control. That’s when the magic happens!

As the orgasm was intensifying so was the movement of energy in my body and the sensations at the level of the heart. The sensation had developed from being energetic to being more mental/emotional. I felt my heart crack open. It was sore. Not physically, but emotionally.

My heart was sore from what was seeping out of the crack. I surrendered and allowed myself to heal through the love and light of the god lying beneath me. For about 5 minutes I felt as if I was suspended in awe of life and love and our beautiful hearts. For about 5 minutes I meditated deeply at the level of my heart and realised once again the true nature of my being.

The day was saved. Our sanity was restored. And to top it all off, we are still reaping the benefits of such a powerful movement of energy and a profound connection at the level of the heart the day after.

It was what you would call a grand orgasm 😉

With love


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