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Myself Summary
Previous experience:

In the beginning of my tantric path I thought tantra would be equal to sexuality. And indeed, I had (and still have) to learn a lot how to practise sexuality.
Now tantra has become more a life practice which includes communication, psychology, compassion, mindfulness, meditation, love, shadow work etc. and where sexuality does not need to be excluded.
This is often a real pleasure. But sometimes it’s a work as well, e.g. when I’m confronted with fear, with my lazyness or with a difficult communication.

Attended Tantra courses:

SkyDancing in Germany and in Switzerland, Armin Heining, Daniel Odier, Diamond-Lotus Institut Berlin, Sexological Bodywork Institut, Integral Relationship with Martin Ucik, Erfahrungskreis and some traditional teachers in Tibetan tantric Buddhism, in Kashmir Shaivism and in Shaktism.

More information:

I attended to my first (neo-) tantric workshop in 1997. My main intention at that time was to find sexual fulfillment. This workshop gave me a glimpse of how my sexuality, my heart and my whole life could be transformed. Many more workshops and long-term trainings at several schools followed. I got teachings in taditional tantra as well. I met a lot of friends, and with some of them we practice together on a regular base.