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My primary school of Yoga – the Himalayan Institute – follows the teachings of the Sri Vidya Tantric lineage of Sri Swami Rama, and so my Yoga teacher training is indirectly based in these broader tools for consciousness.

That said, my experience of Tantric sexuality has been profound to say the least (and I know *in my heart* that this is going to magnify when I cross paths with my Shakti) and has brought me to the recognition that sex without as aspect of healing and sacredness is limiting the fulfillment and pleasure afforded by intimate connection.
So Tantric sexual love is, for me, about realizing that intercourse was designed by nature as a sacred dance of yin and yang. It’s about going beyond the elements of attraction and physicality to explore the realm of the mystical and supernatural in a safe and loving way.
Tantric Love is, at its highest, an orientation founded on consciousness and intentionality, one that evokes the highest and best from the sexual experience. My experience has been that the healing afforded by sacred sexuality is about reversing the layers of conditioning that results in the wakeful witnessing of what might only be termed the ineffable.