About me

Wendy Almasta Doeleman






My passion is to inspire (young) people to explore the world of Tantra. I do this both through Tantra workshops with Bliss Your Body and through my books about tantric sexuality for adolescents and young adults.

Since 2005 I have studied several styles of Tantra with many different teachers. I received my tantra name Deva Almasta in 2014 from my tantra teacher Pema Gitama. I am currently undertaking an intensive 4-year training to become a Tantric Inner Grounding Therapist.

My style of teaching is down-to-earth, accessible, light and yet profound. Within a safe and sacred space, I combine dance and movement, gentle and firm body work, silent and active meditations, conscious touch, sharing, spiritual devotion and lots of Love.

My tantric beloved Remi often joins me to hold space in my workshops in his own unique way.
http://www.blissyourbody.nl & http://www.hartelust.nu