• QiGong

    by Johnathan White 4 Lessons

    Qigong, or Chi Kung (pronounced “chee-gung”) is an ancient system of exercise that originated in China. It is very simple to do, yet the effects are very powerful. Qigong works directly with the energy meridians of the body, clearing these channels and allowing for a balanced flow of life force energy.

  • Practices for Increased Sexual Energy

    by Johnathan White 5 Lessons

    Many people are interested in increasing their sexuality health, stamina, and vitality. Sexual dysfunctions and unsatisfactory performance are common issues in the modern world. We live in a society filled with stress, and this takes a toll on our sexual health

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  • Semen Retention

    by Johnathan White 3 Lessons in

    semen retention

    Semen retention Many men may think the concept of semen retention is an unnatural practice, only appropriate for celibate monks. However, the benefits of retaining semen, or at least infrequent ejaculation, are enormous. You do not even have to give up sexual activity to do this! How do you feel after ejaculating? Most likely you feel drained, lazy, possibly even […]

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