semen retention

Semen Retention, part I

This is a transcript of ‘Benefits of Semen Retention’ Online Course by Johnathan White
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I wanted to talk about semen retention and how this can fit into our modern society. Some people might be unfamiliar with the concept of semen retention and it might seem like a very extreme lifestyle, something that may seem unrealistic to integrate into their lives. Many people may have the image of a celibate monk living in the mountains, far away from the society as only way how to practice semen retention.

In fact, it can be a very practical, fulfilling lifestyle, in other words, a way to live your life. To me, semen retention is about recycling sexual energy, directly working with sexual energy and building up that force to server other aspects of my life. It is about truly working with this integral part of our self, versus just tossing it away out of the body as the average male does.

The average men carelessly drain themselves of their sexual energy without realizing huge potential they store within them. Sexual energy is a force that can be tapped into at any point in our lives and can greatly enhance our health, creativity, drive, focus, clarity and just overall feeling of being alive. It is about having that spark, that burning fire that drives us to fulfill our dreams, our passions, our goals.

To me, it is not so much about trying to go forever without ejaculating. If you’re only concerned about cutting sexual activity from your life, but you’re not working with sexual energy, then you will not get full benefits of semen retention. Your sexual energy is just going to sit there in your genitals and remain stagnant.

However, when you’re consciously working with your sexual energy through certain practices, you can start circulating it throughout your body. You will then be able to channel and use this energy in your life. It will increase your confidence, it will increase your focus and your energy. Sexual energy is so potent, it will have positive impact on your magnetism to others and can amplify anything and everything you put your focus on.

You’ll be amazed at the changes that can take place in your life when you start to work with your sexual energy.

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