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Following post is contributed by our guest blogger Johnathan White
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I recently had a very powerful sexual experience with my partner, which I can only describe as a soul orgasm. I’m used to having full-body orgasms regularly… but this was something much deeper. It felt as though every conditioned aspect of my being was stripped away, and I was in complete presence of the deepest aspect of my own being and my partner as well.

Pulsations of energy were resonating between us, I could feel what she was feeling and I felt that we were completely emptying ourselves into each other. Complete connection, no separation on any level. Time was altered, I felt like I was expanding beyond my body, out into the universe, and then contracting back within my self. Waves of intense pleasure were pulsing up and down my whole body. After the intense waves calmed down, we laid together, absorbing the experience and silently exchanging our subtle energy.

Afterwards I felt connected to all life around me, my heart was wide open with love and a child-like sense of joy. There was nowhere I needed to go, nothing that needed to be done, I was completely in the present moment.

I can say with certainty that if everyone was regularly experiencing this type of orgasmic awakening, there would be no wars, no mindless violence, no struggle for domination on this planet. People are easy to control when they are cut off from their root, which is exactly what many religions, governments, and other pyramidal institutions do by distorting our inherently sacred connection to sexual power.

You’ll never have a soul orgasm by trying to imitate porn, which is unfortunately most people’s approach to sex; one of focusing solely on a genital connection without engaging the higher faculties of the body/mind. It takes a deep openness in body and mind, the ability to relax and surrender into a deep connection with your partner. Cultivating your subtle energy and opening the energetic channels through yoga, Qigong, and tantra is the key to unlocking a higher realm of orgasmic experience.

Soul Orgasm by Johnathan White

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  1. Zuzana 3 months ago

    Beautiful, thank you <3

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