importance of presence

The Importance of Presence (Transcript)

Following post is a transcript of a lesson ‘Tantric Key Twe ~ The importance of Presence’ from a mini online course Three Magic Keys Of Tantra As A Method For Life, Love And Sex by Michelle Roberton

The second key I mentioned is presence and presence just simply needs to be here and now in this moment. That’s what meditation is, it is needs to be here and now in the moment. It doesn’t mean to be cross-legged and floating as a mountaintop like a guru. Being present means not be analyzing, thinking of the past and not to be worrying or anxious or rushing to the future. It means to be in this moment,

When we are breathing and we are aware of our breath, we are naturally present. When we are present, we are experiencing this moment. You think, when you drive somewhere and you get to destination and you think how bloody hell did I get here. Because you weren’t ‘there’ driving the car, your mind was thinking about the journey, it was maybe thinking about the destination, it was maybe thinking how you forgotten something, you know the kids maybe rambling in the background you may also be worrying about what you’re going to cook for dinner that night bla bla bla bla bla. You have missed the journey, you have missed the scenery because you are not present while you are driving and that’s what the life is like. We are so busy about where we have got to get to or to who or attend to that we are not actually experiencing our life in this delicious moment.

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