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Tantric Sexual Healing

Awakening The Divine Juicy Erotic Goddess Energy

By Somraj Pokras of Tantra at Tahoe

In our last two issues, we delved deeply into how to focus on what’s important in life: the divine juicy erotic Goddess energy that we all crave. You can find them here…

As we wrote, we understand that it’s sometimes difficult for the Goddess to respond from her innate loving juicy passionate side. Our modern upbringing doesn’t teach us the sacred joy of owning our spiritual sexual self. In this issue, we want to explain the Tantric path of awakening the Goddess force in all of us. The subject is sexual healing.

A Wonderful Side Benefit
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Tantra wasn’t designed as a therapy or healing process. We’re just
fortunate the Tantric pursuit of sexual pleasure turns out to work that
way. Let us explain.

Supreme Bliss Tantra teaches that pleasure is your birthright. Feeling
good is natural. Love is an urge common to all human beings.

Yet the vast majority of us were raised to believe that sex was sinful,
evil, dirty, immoral, forbidden, or at the very least, must be hidden.
How can you grow up in the modern world and not carry the heavy
weight of some sexual resistance like fear, guilt, shame, or pain that
limit your ability to experience ecstasy?

We all live in a society that gives contradictory messages about sex: it’s
glorious, it’s dirty, it’s human, it’s animal, it’s a sacrament, it’s a sin.
What’s the truth?

Who among us is trained and initiated to revere and master this most
basic and powerful of life’s drives? Some have even lived through the
misfortune of one kind of abuse or another.

Because no one tells or shows us how to find out for ourselves, we end
up conflicted and confused, with beliefs and experiences that block
the organic flow of the natural urge to feel pleasure with the self or
another. This is our true Goddess nature.

Awakening The True Goddess Nature
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
In a nutshell, the therapy of Tantra is enjoying. And then, of course,
dealing with the inevitable resistance that bubbles out of our minds.
This is the individual starting place of Tantra.

If you want to awaken the Goddess within yourself, to deepen the
intimacy in your relationship, marriage, or with yourself, Tantra can
assist you through energetic healing of mind, body, and spirit. You can
work through inhibitions, sexual wounding, orgasm or erection
difficulties, and other insecurities.

But mostly Tantra is freeing, empowering, exciting, and lots of fun.

Tantra enables you to dissolve hidden blocks, find out who you really
are, and reach a higher state of psychological and spiritual awareness.
It’s also a loving practice where you become more connected to your
beloved, creating joy, pleasure, playfulness, ecstasy, and bliss.

We know many of you want to help your beloved along this demanding
path. Just recognize that you can support, encourage, and love your
Goddess, but she’s got to do the inner work.

Everyone growing up in anti-ecstatic sexually-repressed society has
healing to do, Tantra is a perfect vehicle for this kind of healing. The
next page, Tantra Healing, explains how.

Life Can Be Therapy While You Enjoy It
– – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Tantra is, at one level, all about healing. At others, it’s all about living.

Living your life, feeling your feelings, experiencing your fantasies,
behaviors, thoughts, ups and downs in sex can help you release
energies that could otherwise be repressed and further keep you from
glorious sex.

But so many forces in the modern world prevent this. Parents,
teachers, religious dogma reinforce wounds in our energy body as well
as the physical body’s tissues. These can be energetic blocks to
ecstatic sex.

The only way to find out what your truth is, is to explore with
consciousness and see what feels good. That which feels good and
brings you joy in a lasting way can show you your path to a fulfilling life.

The Tantra practice of summoning and channeling energy between
the chakras cleanses old unwanted energy and blockages sourced in
wounds from abuse, exploitation, giving away one’s power, and painful
or unwanted sex . This kind of wounding leaves deep impressions in
the body.

Psychological therapy is often a gradual releasing of the power of the
past. Often Tantra can move this blocked energy very rapidly. Although
not a replacement for psychotherapy, it can get at issues that talking
cannot. Breakthroughs can be profound and fast.

Tantric Healing Release Issues In The Tissues
– – – – – – – – – – – – – –
All of us can benefit enormously as Tantra Healing addresses the
“issues in the tissues”

By pushing someone to feel, in the moment, while being confronted
physically with the blockages through various forms of massage and
breathing, you use the orgasmic, sexual energy to “breakthrough” the
barriers formed by the “old stuff,” allowing you to shift and move,
letting the energy flow.

Tantra Healing is all about learning to let the energy flow freely.

• How do you shed the social conventions that bring you down and
release the brainwashing that doesn’t serve you?

• How do you release the guilt that keeps you boxed in from fully

• How do you heal old wounding and move past your resulting sexual

To fully open to the joys of sacred sexuality requires clearing the G-
Spot for all of us. G-Spot sexual healing can be done. So many of our
friends, lovers, and clients confirm the profound changes from the G-
Spot, as does our personal experience.

Why Heal The G-Spot?
– – – – – – – – – – – – – –
The issues in the tissues are stored in the deep recesses of the
Goddess’s G-Spot. As you pursue the path of expanding your sexuality
and engage in Tantric Healing, namely the pursuit of pleasure, most
run into obstacles along the way. These blockages take the form of
inhibitions, fears, numbness, soreness, emotional reactions, just to
mention a few.

This is why G-Spot sexual healing is needed for most all of us who
grew up in the sex repressive values of our modern world. Why do we
strongly advocate G-Spot healing for everyone, women and men,

The G-Spot, being such a powerful sexual center, stores sexual energy.
When you soar with G-Spot orgasm, these delightful memories are
retained so that future G-Spot play becomes increasingly ecstatic. But
when sex isn’t so great, or frustrating, or undesired, or worse, violent,
those images are stored in the G-Spot as well.

Consequently, for all of us, G-Spot play may touch on these buried
memories, unleashing surprising floods of passion from the good ones,
and unexpected emotional reactions from the others. That’s why we
advocate G-Spot sexual healing to release the dormant energies buried
deep from sexual conflicts, wounding, abuse.

Through G-Spot healing, you can reclaim your sexual birthright.
What is that exactly?

G-Spot, The Sacred Gate To Your Sexual Birthright
– – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Sex is natural. Sex is healthy. Your mind, body, and soul can link up to
create untold sexual ecstasy and Supreme Bliss.

Yet, few of us live an ecstatic life. Which is partly why we so strongly
advocate sacred sexuality as a natural process of G-Spot healing.
The practice of Tantric sex by itself serves as a gradual G-Spot sexual
healing, cleansing, and freeing force. The more you make love
sacredly, the closer you can reach your innate blissful nature.

Focusing on pleasure is the Tantric way of living. Once you accept this
path and practice routinely, your life and love will be transformed
through the natural evolution of G-Spot healing. But this can be
a long slow process for those who carry sexual baggage everywhere
they go.

Yoni (vagina) and G-spot healing are for those women whose
sexuality is blocked. If you or your partner isn’t interested, reacts
negatively, doesn’t feel much, can’t orgasm easily, or runs into
difficulty while reaching for G-Spot pleasure, G-Spot sexual healing is
for you.

Which is why we’re offering a special package on both our male and
female G-Spot ebooks, and sexual aids that assist both genders in
healing. More details follow in our product special section.

Here’s wishing you all the ecstasy and inner sexual freedom you

With great love, Somraj & Jeffre

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  1. Debb 3 years ago

    I would like to introduce «Tantra healing» in my country, Argentina.
    I also practice another kind of awarness practices (Kundalini, rebirthing and so on), but I do not know where to prepare myself, or take a course, or something reponsable to offer these kind of Healing here.
    Perhaps yo can tell me abou somebody who is prepared, or, in the meadtime, yo can suggest me which books or articles i can read.
    Looking forwards to hearing from you kindly.

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