The Flow

The heavens will open and happiness and contentment will arrive in abundance. Showering us with blessings we have never had. How will we get there? Will we be able to find a way ourselves. These are deeper questions we will all have to ask ourselves. Happiness is an energy – like other energies. It exists in abundance all around us. Like the wind, like the sunshine. But it is of no use unless properly harvested and harnessed. So how will we harness this beautiful energy. How will we be able to allow it to permeate through us into our bodies and souls.

The answer is through movement and feeling. When we move we have to feel we are moving forward – in space and time. We are moving towards an energy so powerful that we have to allow ourselves to be embraced. This is surrender, this is selflessness. When we allow ourselves to be levitated by the forces around us and within us we reach realms we have not seen before. We experience energies we never knew existed. Let us flow freely, wherever our dreams and desires take us. This is the only way to be truly happy. Blocks, barriers in nature or in life cause tension which gets to a point of destruction. And destruction is never an answer to happiness. Only bliss is, only creation is.

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  1. Kristins 7 months ago

    Beautifully written <3

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