value of the breath

The Value Of The Breath

Following post is a transcript of a lesson ‘Tantric Key One ~ The Value Of The Breath’ from a short online course Three Magic Keys Of Tantra As A Method For Life, Love And Sex by Michelle Roberton

In this video I’ll briefly talk about the breathing and the value of the breath. Breathing is the first thing you do the moment you are born and it is the last thing you do before you leave your body. It is your bridge to the external world and the external world to your internal world. When you look at babies, they breathe deep into their bellies and you can see the rise and the fall of their belly.

This stimulates all their sexual, their reproductive organs and it stimulates their digestive system. It stimulates sexual energy as well and arousal, so it is really important to breathe down into our bellies. It keeps us anchored in our body, it keeps us anchored in the moment when we are aware of the breath.

It is not about changing, or counting the breath, because when we count the breath it puts us back into our heads. It’s about feeling, feeling the breath enter your body, feeling the rise of your belly and then feeling the breath as it travels up from your belly and out of your lips and then allowing your breath to have a sound. We’ve become so muted, but allowing ourselves to make a sound, we’re not daring to make a sound, so let your breath have a sound. You simply start with that by experiencing the feeling of your own breath and just that one simple key will change a hell of a lot in your life.

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