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What is Tantra?

Part 2 Of The Complete Answer To What Is Tantra?

Following post is contributed by our guest blogger Somraj Pokras from Tantra at Tahoe
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By Somraj Pokras of Tantra at Tahoe

In our last issue we gave you the first five answers to “What Is Tantra?” The 10 central elements of Tantra are…

1. Spiritual Path
2. Consciousness
3. Self-Love
4. Heart-Centered
5. Say Yes
6. Pleasure Rules
7. Practice Not Preaching
8. Subtle Energy
9. Honor Each Sex Equally
10. Inhabit Body, Not Your Mind

Here are the final five. (If you missed the first five, click here to access first part of article ‘What is tantra’.

– – – – – – – – – – –
Putting pleasure first is central to living life Tantrically. If our basic nature is joyous and nothing is more important than feeling good, then making pleasure a discipline is good spiritual practice. If saying yes to what we want makes us feel good and saying no to what brings us down helps, we must recognize that we’re responsible for how we feel. So we choose pleasure. Tantrikas specializing in knowing what they want and asking for it. We excel at celebrating things both big and small. We squeeze every last morsel of enjoyment out of every word, smile, flower, and sunset. Guess what happens when you accept that life is better when pleasure rules? Sex gets a higher priority, which explains why it plays such a pivotal role in Tantric practice. When we approach physical pleasure with consciousness, a self-deserving attitude, and saying yes, we rapidly transform our sex lives into an ever evolving ecstatic journey. Even self-pleasuring becomes an honored ritual. Along the way, we realize that it’s vital to drop our white-knuckle grip on goals like giving or having an orgasm every time we have sex. We put attention back where it belongs, on the pleasure we’re experiencing right now. (And, by the way, the resulting orgasms are astounding.) In Tantra, sacred sex is a path, not an end, to an exalted state of being.

– – – – – – – – – – –
Wouldn’t you agree that just about everything you’ve read so far is easier said than done? That’s because most of us go through life accumulating baggage resulting from frustration, loss, bad choices, setbacks, resistance, and conflict. As a result, our present is riddled with memories of pain, shame, guilt, cop-out, anger, sadness, confusion, denial, and struggle. Tantra teaches that these old emotions are stored in our bodies. So we can’t just will or think them away. That’s why, above all, Tantra is a practice, not a philosophy, set of beliefs, moral system, or enforced dogma. No preaching here. Tantra is based on actions – dance, massage, lovemaking – that deal with the energy lodged deep within. How do we shed this unwanted conditioning? The good news about the issues in our tissues is that pursuing pleasure Tantrically is a surefire antidote. Imagine a system of therapy and renewal based on enjoying yourself. Don’t believe it? Try to purely enjoy yourself and you’ll promptly bump into internal negative programming (“I’m being selfish!” or “I don’t deserve it!”) that drags the uninvited past into the present. But by continuously refocusing our attention on what we want and dealing with what gets dredged up, we actively create more pleasure. Though modern therapies have their place, we find that by dwelling on the past, most of them attract more and more struggle. In contrast, routine Tantric practice is fun. Because dynamic meditations and sacred lovemaking make us feel so good, we repeat them often.

– – – – – – – – – – –
Tantra wasn’t designed as a therapy, but because it focuses on raising awareness of subtle energy, it works that way. By subtle energy we’re talking about the life force that causes every cell, organ, and tissue to vibrate. If not for feeling energy moving, how would we become aware of being turned on, angry, nervous, or in love? We feel energetic sensations in our bodies: the heat that spreads in waves, the arousal that raises goose bumps, the tingles and tickles that titillate. Unfortunately, most people don’t tune their receivers to these higher finer frequencies percolating inside. In Tantra we study these primal forces localized in the seven energy centers, called chakras, that store physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual power. Through Tantric chakra practices, we clear blockages, cleanse our subtle channels, and learn to circulate and exchange these energies. This becomes a powerful force to dissolve resistance, raise awareness, and fuel transformation. Because sexual energy is the most abundant and underutilized life force, much of Tantra is based on sacred sexual practices that conserve and recirculate these forces. The resulting energy experiences not only help us expand and heal, but create extended full-body Tantric Orgasm unmatched by any physical technique. That’s why Tantric S.E.X. stands for Subtle Energy eXchange.

– – – – – – – – – – –
When we begin to develop this kind of subtle sensitivity, we discover that we’re all composed of strong energies of both sexes inside. Tantra teaches that personal growth only comes by making peace with your inner opposite gender. For too long, social pressure has discouraged men from being too feminine and women from wielding their inborn power. True love can only blossom when we accept both sides of our nature and stop trying to make someone else responsible for completing ourselves. In Tantra, we’ve borrowed the primary Hindu deities, Shiva and his consort Shakti, to represent these different energies. Women develop their inherent Shiva power and forceful determination to make things happen. Men develop their innate soft, gentle, and supportive nurturing Shakti side. Instead of tension between the sexes, Tantrikas make love not war. We learn to honor and revere the God and Goddess in ourselves and each other. As a consequence, we never touch, massage, or penetrate without permission. Lovemaking becomes an amazingly different experience when men enter a no-mind condition and follow the desires of the Shakti Goddess. The same for women following their Shiva. Again, if you’re worried about creating a monster, don’t be. Worshipping the Goddess or God in your partner doesn’t mean to give power to their dark side. Remember, Tantra is a path of consciousness that accentuates the divine qualities of ourselves and our partners.

– – – – – – – – – – –
Though these 10 qualities aren’t in any particular order, we’ve saved one of the most pivotal for last. Our minds may have all the qualities of a wonderful computer, but they can’t raise consciousness, shed conditioning, change attitude, or create transformation by themselves. Inner beings have to do that. Since we already know that the body is the temple of the soul, it follows that this spiritual shift can only happen when we get in our bodies and out of our minds. To accomplish this, we need to quiet the non-stop thinking that’s chattering away continuously inside all of us. A useful way to enter this “no-mind” condition is to heighten our awareness of sensation and focus on what we feel. A vital Tantric practice is to open all of our senses – sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch – and emphasize scents, flowers, music, sensual touch, and the like. Tantra includes no holy artifacts or mandatory regimen. We use these tools purely as reminders to stop thinking and start feeling. Which again is another clear explanation of the emphasis on sacred sex in Tantra. What could be a better teacher of being in the body than non-stop orgasmic bliss?

– – – – – – – – – – –
We suggest stop trying to make yourself into a Tantrika by force of will. It hasn’t a snowball’s chance in hell of working. Instead, get out of your own way. Adopt a routine of Tantric practice that exercises the real you and creates true spiritual joy.

Along the way, you’ll become one of the world’s greatest lovers. Your intimacy, sex life, and orgasms will become sacred and life-altering. By learning to make love with life, ourselves, and our beloved consciously, fully, and spiritually, we transcend the outer school of hard knocks and grow into total adoration of ourselves in the world.

We find ourselves in a perpetual state of Supreme Bliss. And we know it as home.

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Wishing you love and ecstatic Tantric sex,

Dhyan Jeffre & Somraj

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