“The Secret Of Divine Juicy Erotic Spiritual Tantric Sex”

By Somraj Pokras of Tantra at Tahoe

There are lots of ways to have sex. And as long as every consenting adult gets what they want, they’re all good in our opinion.

There’s manual, oral, penile, vaginal, anal, verbal (talking dirty), mental (fantasy), and the ever-popular genital penetration, otherwise known as intercourse. Yes, dears, that last is only one of many exciting options.

The gamut of sexual styles spans fast and slow, hard and soft, solo and partnered, same and opposite gender, monogamous and group. Some prefer wham-bam thank-you-ma’am, animal lust, or bondage and domination. Others just want to be taken. Playing games, exhibitionism, and voyeurism top many lovers’ charts. So does dressing up and adopting roles where one leads and the other follows.

Whatever floats your cork, right?

Let’s not forget our favorite, Tantric Sex, co-creative sacred loveplay which is longer, deeper, and sweeter and more sensual, passionate, and ecstatic than the average lover can imagine.

What Is Tantric Sex?
– – – – – – – – –
Friends, this what Tantra At Tahoe is all about, teaching the ancient secrets of Tantric Sex to help you reach higher states of Supreme Bliss. It’s not all about technique and has little to do with your age, looks, body type, or penis size. What it really takes is learning to tune into the untapped reservoirs of the pure positive life forces percolating deep within all of us.

Oh, yes, and some really, really fun practice, too.

Tantric Sex is about accepting and guiding our sexual energy, that innate human magnetism that opens our hearts, electrifies our bodies, and draws us towards others. Tantric Sex means responding to our partner’s energy and surrendering to the merging of our sexual juices instead of driving, leading, pushing, and forcing things according to some concept in our heads.

The Secret Is Worship The Goddess
– – – – – – – – –
Because the Tantric sexual style is more feminine than masculine, Tantric Sex is often identified with worshipping the Goddess, that divine female archetype of the lover, mother, and ruler all rolled into one.

Now don’t get scared off by thinking this means submitting to another supreme being that will bless your life only if you behave according to some holy rules. No, Tantra is completely and thoroughly about free will, personal choice, and individual spiritual growth. We just believe that giving and receiving love is essential to everyone’s basic identity.

In Tantra, worshipping the Goddess means seeking, cultivating, and immersing ourselves in the natural feminine receptivity to pleasure. Worshipping the Goddess means, instead of planning how you’re going to satisfy her, following your woman’s needs, wants, and desires for satisfaction in every moment.

Tantra accepts the common belief that women are changeable. This is a compliment, not a criticism. Due to the sexist conditioning of our modern world, the good news is that women are more likely to know what they’re feeling and what their desires are at any given time.

And, yes, it’s a moving target in anyone’s life. To be truly in tune with what brings any of us joy and satisfaction requires sensitivity to the ebb and flow of body, mind and spirit. Following these tides, currents, and eddies is fundamental to Tantric Sex.

Our shorthand for flowing with sexual energy in this way is worshipping the Goddess.

How Worshipping Your Beloved’s Goddess Nature Works
– – – – – – – – –
Tantric Sex means doing whatever you can to reinforce your woman’s native joy and spirit before, during, and after loveplay so that sexual energy will flow to the max. Serve her pleasure first and foremost so her blissful and orgasmic nature opens and unfolds like a spring flower. Your reward will only be her flooding you with her vast erotic power and showering you with her sweet divine nectar.

How do you workshop the Goddess in your beloved? By following her energy.

Does your beloved like to be wooed? After decades in relationship, most women still do. So follow her. Regale her with flowers, cards, gifts, and endearments will bring out her Goddess nature.

Do you initiate and push for sex so hard and so often that she never has a chance to ask you? Instead, let her know subtly that you want her and learn to bide your time, watch her closely, and make yourself available when the mood strikes her.

Does she like a lot of titillation? Learn to enjoy hugging, kissing, massaging, licking, and stroking (slow down, we mean with your fingers).

Is she wet and pleading when you enter her? If not, you’re probably following your own agenda, not hers. Some men won’t even offer intercourse until the Goddess has had at least one orgasm some other way first. If you learn to enjoy your own energy climaxes (as our ebooks teach) even before you’ve been touched, then you won’t mind hours of sensual loveplay whether or not she begs for you deep inside her.

Who determines the pace and position of your lovemaking? Do you sometimes let her get on top and run the show? If not, are you willing to surrender to the powerful Goddess force within her?

Do you spend time trying to make her come or worrying if you can? Then you’re following what’s in your mind, not in her body. Enjoy the journey and let the destination take care of itself.


Somraj & Jeffre

Visit our website at TantraAtTahoe.com

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