sacred temple, divine body

Your divine body, your sacred temple, your sexual birthright

Loving Yourself & Looking After Your Body To Experience True Sacred Sexuality & Spiritual Growth

Following post is contributed by our guest blogger Somraj Pokras of Tantra at Thaoe
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Have you ever looked into a full length mirror at your naked body? How about doing it right now ?

What thoughts go through your head when you look at yourself? How do you feel? Are you filled with awe at the beauty and power of your physical manifestation? Or do you feel disgust?

Perhaps there are parts you love and find attractive. And other parts you really wish were different.

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For many of you, you understand the importance of how you feel towards your body and the impact this attitude has on your sexual pleasure. To achieve what Tantra is all about — growing, loving, and living life to its fullest — you need to feel good about all parts of yourself.

To be totally explicit, we want to support you in feeling maximum pleasure with everything you experience in this world. Which requires you totally accepting who you are mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and, yes, physically.

Your body is the physical expression of who you are in this world. It is an extension of your inner spiritual self. To a Tantrika, we view the body as a divine gift, so we call it what it really is, your temple. The sanctuary where your soul resides. The bridge to the other-worldly power of sexual spiritual transformation.

A large part of Tantra is sacred sexuality, using the life force of orgasmic energy, to fuel higher consciousness and a connection with the supreme. Your body is the vehicle for moving into these exalted states of ecstasy, being swept away in orgasmic waves of bliss, and experiencing the ultimate communion with self or beloved.

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The way you treat your body and your feelings about your body are reflected in your sexual expressions. Loving and honoring your physical temple is demonstrated in your life through what you eat, how you exercise, and how fit you maintain your body.

If you want to experience the ultimate spiritual alchemy of sexual orgasm, you need to keep your equipment working in tip top shape. If you desire to be a world class lover, you must have the body and the energy to sustain frequent long lovemaking sessions.

If you truly love yourself, which is a high state of spiritual health, then you will treat your body with care, give it the loving attention that is necessary, and not abuse it.

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There is a gender difference in the West regarding loving your body….

85% of women in this country are dissatisfied with
their body in some way. Only 15% of men feel this way.

Neither of these figures necessarily reflect a healthy attitude nor a healthy behavior pattern.

Over 50% of the populace are out-of-shape, unfit, and overweight. Unfortunately, this figure is growing higher all the time. Now, we don’t want to imply that you have to be a thin marathon-runner to be fit and sexy.

In Tantra, we don’t subscribe to the exaggerated media-driven images of what’s right, healthy, and desirable for a body. Attractive bodies can assume many different shapes, sizes, and proportions, as long as they’re loved and cared for. As we learn to joyously own our vehicles and open their hidden channels to the flow of sexual energy, we discover we can create powerful desire for any body shape.

However for most, being unfit represents a lack of love for the body and in turn, promotes a form of self loathing. Self loathing almost always leads to dysfunctional behavior.

Men often deny they have a problem, and come to us to figure out why they are having erectile problems or too rapid ejaculation. Somraj’s popular ebook, Ultimate Ejaculation Mastery, available at…


can help build the skills to lengthen sexual delight almost indefinitely. But much of the time, it’s poor health, prescription medications, or smoking and drinking which training may not resolve.

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From a Tantric point of view, your temple, your altar, your body deserves reverence and an attitude of worship. Your body gives you the foremost pleasure when it’s fit, healthy, and loved. The huge delightful payoff for caring for your body is clear.

One scenario we’ve seen over and over again is the married woman who is overweight, feels depressed, and has lost interest in sex. She complains that can’t get into sex because she feels unattractive. She decides to divorce, immediately starts working out, becomes fit, and voila! her sex drive returns full bore. Suddenly a juicy relationship becomes a priority again.

We’re not saying that her original relationship wasn’t part of the problem. But we are agreeing that feeling unattractive, male or female, will diminish your interest in sex. Similarly, you may be turned off if your partner gains weight or lets the body go to pot.

How you look, how you feel is a reflection of deeper issues. Feeling self love is the foundation for hot sex, trying new things, a solid relationship, and a joyful life. Do what ever it takes to love yourself.

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Ironically, you may have difficulty getting fit if you don’t love yourself. To counteract this natural resistance, consider standing nude in front of that full length mirror each morning and telling each part of your body that you love it. For example, “I love you legs, I love you butt, “etc.

Dancing is a sensual way to get great exercise. Take a dance class. It’s a blast. Go dancing to bands that really move you. Your body will love it and your partner will too.

Just this simple pleasure in rhythm movement can stimulate the motivation to love your body. In our private Tantric Initiations, we recommend daily yoga to stay limber, to stay fit, and reinforce the sexual muscles which open the body to the flow of spiritual sexual bliss.

If you are unfit, it will be more difficult for you to feel the muscles necessary to generate orgasmic energy. Fatty tissue has very few nerve endings, therefore very little feeling. You will want to be able to feel that energy running in your body. Your body will benefit from feeling fine tuned, just like your car runs better when it is tuned.

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Here are some things you can start doing right away…

— Start with loving yourself. Use affirmations, prayer, psychotherapy or whatever you need to increase your ability to love yourself.

— Honor your body with healthy food, a fitness regimen, and daily appreciation.

–Consider increasing your sexual energy through self pleasuring or being with your partner sexually more frequently. Sexual energy heals.

–Learn the ancient secrets of sacred sexuality and incorporate these into your daily life for growing spiritual health and a healthy diet of sexual ecstasy.

Your divine body, your sacred temple, your sexual birthright by Somraj Pokras

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